What do I offer?

You certainly have projects involving musical electronics. But you're not skilled enough, or you don't have the time. You're looking for someone who's versatile, careful and independent of a commercial brand.

My services

I offer to repair your old or modern electronic musical instruments (such as liturgical organs, digital pianos, synthesizers) that hold a special place in your heart. 

I can also transform your old instrument (liturgical organ or harmonium) into a real pipe organ simulator using HAUPTWERK or ORGANTEQ systems.

Who am I?

As an electronics engineer from E.S.E.O. (Angers), I spent many years designing and selling flight simulators. This field of aeronautics uses many innovative technologies, such as computers for calculations and synthetic 3D imaging, electronics for pilot interfaces, and mechanical design engineering to ensure that the simulator is a faithful reflection of the aircraft.

Passionate about liturgical organs since my first project in engineering school, my national and international experiences have led me to set up my own company in which I exercise my passion for Music, applying these three areas of expertise.


I do my job with the experience and love of a job well done passed on by my grandfather and especially my father.